Student of the week – Heidi Salehhudin

I started singing lessons because I’ve been into music for a long time but I just woke up one day and decided you know what I’m going to learn to sing.

I thought a couple of instruments and singing would be a good, cool thing to do.

I chose Voicehouse because I did a bit of a Google search, looked at the reviews on other music schools and this one had the best reviews out there.

It was also a studio and I prefer to learn at a place that actually had a music studio on hand as well.

I love my singing lessons because Deanna’s program has fantastic structure, she’s very thorough in what she does, so I know what I have to work towards every lesson and what I need to work on when I go home.

This means I know I’m improving and getting somewhere.

My favorite Voicehouse memory is the night I signed up for my singing lessons because I knew I made the right choice and I was actually going to achieve my goals and get somewhere with where I wanted to go.

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