Voicehouse (formerly Talentworx Studios) is a unique experience for singers in Adelaide, created specifically with adults and teenagers in mind.

Our mission is to create a brand-new way for you to develop your vocal skills in a relaxed and creative environment. You will feel comfortable getting into something you love, without the added pressure.

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It is our mission to create a new and innovative space for learning and self-transformation.

Voicehouse is on a journey to change the voice coaching industry as we know it. It is our goal to re-design the way you look at singing, the way you learn how to sing and the way you appreciate singers—including yourself.

Why you might ask? Over the years the music industry has created such a divide between amateurs and professionals that hardly anyone is willing to express their voice anymore, unless it is so-called ‘perfect’. We want to change that.

We believe that everyone should sing!

Singing is a very personal and creative expression of oneself and it is our mission to get as many people using their voice as possible.

If you are someone who has always wanted to sing, used to sing, loves to sing already or wants to sing even more then we want to work with you!

We know that you just want to give it a go and see where it takes you… No strings attached. And besides, what ever happened to doing something just because? While of course feeling confident that you will sound great, without the pressure of trying to become the next Beyoncé.

What do we do differently?

voicehouse-founder-and-director-deanna-kangas talks about our misson The Voicehouse program infuses foundational singing techniques with components of personal development to help you overcome your fears and nurture your natural talent. Our coaches tackle both your vocal blocks and mental barriers at the same time.

Our one-of-a-kind program is unlike any other… and best of all it can be completely tailored to you, so you can travel at your own pace. We promise, its even more fun than you think!

We are so glad that you are considering joining our big, beautiful family. Thank you for being so unique.

With Gratitude,



Meet the very talented, hardworking and dedicated individuals behind Voicehouse.

Our amazing team of friendly Voice Coaches will make you feel at ease right from the start.

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