Meet the very talented, hardworking and dedicated voice coaches behind Voicehouse.


founder and director deanna kangas and our voice coaches


From watching musicals and having performance aspirations from young, to performing live in front of 40,000+ people, it comes as no surprise Deanna Kangas’ drive, determination and magnetic energy has created a pathway of success.

Currently CEO and Managing Director of Voicehouse (previously Talentworx Studios) and living by the simple quotethey can because they think they can” – Anonymous.

The seed to Deanna’s entertainment journey was planted when she starting dancing at 3, playing the piano at 6, singing at age 8 and working professionally in Children’s Entertainment from age 18.

As a vocal coach, Deanna loves to inspire and motivate people by believing in them. Deanna explains,

“for me, it is both an honour and a privilege to fulfil that vital role in someone’s life and help them smash the limits they never thought possible.

I work best with experienced and committed performers who want to make big changes in their lives and are willing to turn everything up-side down to re-connect with their hearts desires.

Those who want to make singing a big part of their lives and need the advice and support of someone who has done it themselves.”‘

With an abundance of energy and as one third of the cabaret-comedy trio Two Brunettes and a Gay, Deanna has found her home and passion in the art of Cabaret and successfully performs in many festivals around Adelaide and interstate throughout the year.

Rating herself a humble eight out of ten and feeling lucky for every opportunity that’s come her way, Deanna enlightens,

“to reach that ten out of ten goal, I would love to have our cabaret show picked up for an Australia-wide or even overseas tour with a reputable production company!”

With strong determination, Deanna is motivated by performing regularly to amazing crowds and is fulfilled knowing people have enjoyed the show and leave feeling happy and uplifted by her art!

head coach celeste carbone


Effervescent, confident and natural, Voicehouse’s Head Coach Celeste believes “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,  it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Viviane Greene

Watching video clips from young artists such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera always made Celeste want to be famous.

“I was not confident as a kid but dreamed of doing something that would put me in the spotlight. I also grew up watching my older sibling Deanna sing which inspired me quite a lot with her passion and dedication to her studies.”

With many years experience in Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Acting and Drama as well as training in dance,  Celeste has been a voice coach at Voicehouse (previously Talentworx Studios) since its 2008 inception.

Celeste can also be recognized as one third of the fabulous cabaret-comedy Fringe sensation Two Brunettes and A Gay.

When it comes to motivation, Celeste says it comes from;

“my love of the stage and the people that come and support us.

Sometimes you can be very tired and find it difficult to have the motivation to turn on the charm and always be in performance mode but, when you get up on the stage and the people watching you send so much love, the difficulties fall away.”

As a voice coach, Celeste loves to work with motivated singers who can bounce off her and have fun on stage.

“Singing in front of others is a really difficult thing and when I get to be part of that initial fear, the realisation of one’s capabilities and through to the blossoming of confidence and self-belief;  that’s a huge reward.”

Inspired by Lady Gaga, Celeste’s long term performance goal is to headline an international Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, San Diego or even Adelaide entertaining audiences all over the world.

Celeste wants to continue to inspire other singers young and old to follow their dreams and do what they love!

From corporate world, to creative world, with years of contemporary voice training as well as studies in song writing and music theory, for Voice Coach Marija, inspiration started from a very young age.

Coming from a musical family, Marija recalls,

“Even as an eight year old singing in the school choir I remember the feeling of happiness and satisfaction and never wanted to let it go.”

With a long term performance goal of finding herself on TV at some point as either a singer, coach or speaker, Marija feels she has a message and story to share.

Marija’s motivation comes from within, however being surrounded by the Voicehouse family and supporting community also plays a huge part.

Marija explains,

“I love a lot of things about being a voice coach but one of my favourite things is the journey with a student. When you are working on a particular piece and you hear or see exactly what you’ve been trying to coach them on.

Sometimes it takes weeks but when it’s there it is so worth it! I have had a lot of those moments and they make you realise how much you love your job.”

Humbly rating herself a 7 out of ten and extremely proud of how far she’s already come, Marija believes to get to the ten out of ten status would be when she’s successful in her field as both a vocal coach and singer.

It’s not so much about being famous but known enough to be able to inspire other people with my story. To be able to travel around Australia, to sing and coach as well.”

With admirations for the likes of artists such as Alicia Keys and living by the quote “Treat people the same way you want to be treated, you don’t know what sort of battle everyone is fighting so just be kind,”

Marija is strong willed, natural and determined for success!


Inspired by musical Disney movies, at the tender age of seven, Michaela Campo used to stand in front of the TV, Spice Girls microphone in hand and sing to her heart’s content.

As Walt Disney put it, “all our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them” Michaela is a fine example of someone who has pursued her singing dream as long as she can remember,

“I’ve always been the one to dream big, singing has been in my life ever since I could speak it’s something that means a lot to me it motivates me not only to dream big but to pursue it.”

Having studied music and drama throughout high school and Music Technology at the Elder Conservatorium coupled with many years training in song writing, piano, harmony, music theory and voice, it comes as no surprise Michaela has hit success at such a young age.

Defined by her style and self proclaimed ‘weird personality,’ family and friends are Michaela’s number one supporters.

With a love and passion for working at Voicehouse and assisting other performers to find their unique style, Michaela’s best experiences to date have been becoming a vocal coach and performing as part of a duet.

On stage, Michaela is lively and her energy is contagious.

Influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift and with a lifetime performance goal of one day singing in Madison Square Garden, Michaela embraces the words of Shawn Mendes

I’m not the best singer in the world; I’m just good at picking up what I want to sound like


Your Introductory Session is designed to give you all the information you need about learning to sing at Voicehouse.

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student at an introductory session with voicehouse