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Learn To Sing For Your Creativity, Health & Wellbeing

Learn to sing because you have to. More and more people are saying YES to their learning and creativity… and Vocal Lessons are the perfect way to explore yours.

Learn to sing at home

Completely Tailored

We’re all better at some things and not so great at others.

Our program is designed to cater to your individual needs.

We help you learn to sing.

Learn to sing program

Step-by-Step Program

Gone are the days of learning random singing techniques and trying to put them all together.

Our step-by-step program is results-based and easy to follow for all skill levels.

Learn to sing for adults


No one wants to be the only adult singing with a group of young kids. And why should you?

Learn to sing with a specialised team who works with people like you every day.


We’re on a mission to bust through outdated stereotypes…

Learning to sing later in life isn’t cliche anymore!

So… think you shouldn’t learn how to sing because your auntie’s brother’s neighbour’s dog-sitter once told you that you shouldn’t?

(Insert eye roll emoji)

Or perhaps your mum told you to come down from the clouds because singing doesn’t pay the bills unless you sound like Julie Andrews?

Sound familiar?

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and turns Jill into a cat lady by the age of 30.

That’s where we come in and save the day!

(Cue confetti explosion)

We’re pretty chuffed to be one of Australia’s largest vocal studios working with what has to be Australia’s best community of singers.

Our singers are everyday people just like you.


From brand-newbies who have no clue what the deal is, to golden’ oldies wanting to get back into their vocal training.

We really freakin’ love what we do.

(But seriously. It’s legit why we’ve been in business since October 2008. 14 YEARS and counting)

We all need to give ourselves permission do something that scares the s**t outta us every once in a while.

Do it NOW… learn to sing!

Learn to sing with voicehouse.com.au


We like to STAND OUT from the crowd.

I’m pretty sure you can tell by this website that we do things a little differently at Voicehouse.

Life’s too short to be a bore.

So to keep you from snoozing off or getting lost in a scroll-hole, here’s the fast-facts that make us freakin’ awesome.

The serious stuff…


Voicehouse (Formerly Talentworx Studios) was founded way back in 2008 by our Company Director Deanna Carbone (Kangas).

Aka me.
The one who’s writing this.


I’ve had a passion for the performing arts since I was a kid dancing to Grease on a tellie that wasn’t flat and didn’t have Netflix.

You name it, I did it.

All the things.

Right up until I started working professionally at the age of 16 and was accepted to study Classical Voice (which is a fancy term for opera-type singing) at Adelaide’s Prestigious Elder Conservatorium of Music.

Fast forward a few months, and I was teaching singing, dancing and acting for young talent teams at one of Australia’s biggest talent companies, alongside training young voices at some of Adelaide’s best private schools in my first year of uni.

Then, two years later, I decided to YOLO it and opened my own school whilst pursuing a dream career as Poppi the Pop Princess in Adelaide’s favourite kids-band ‘The Funkees’ at the ripe age of 20 years old.

Although Voicehouse may have started out as the super-fun kids HQ for singing, we transitioned to working with adults & teens way back in 2016.

Since the good ol’ days, we have developed and refined our program to help singers of any age feel confident with their voices and turn their singing into more than just a shower hobby. 

It’s our job to hear your potential and give you a roadmap to get there.

Our team of vocal coaches are seriously the best freakin’ people you’ve ever met in your life.

Our program is one of the best around… and we’ve got plenty more coming!

If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you in-studio or online for an Introductory Singing Session to help you get started learning to sing.

Voicehouse Founder Deanna Carbone
Learn to sing and help animals


Using Our Voices For Good

This company is run by a close-knit community of individuals who care about making a difference in the world.

Not only do we LOVE helping you rediscover your passion for singing, we also LOVE encouraging you to connect to your own purpose… whatever that may be!

That is why we support causes that positively impact animals, people and our planet.

Our company director Deanna Carbone is also the former Deputy Convener for the Animal Justice Party in South Australia, and part of our proceeds go towards ending animal suffering such as Banning Live Export, Abolishing Kangaroo Culling, Protecting Our Wildlife, Stopping Animal Testing and Ending Factory Farming to name a few.

We’re committed to using our voices to speak up for those who can’t, and you can make a positive impact just by joining any of our membership packages.