Student of the week – Andrew Whyte

Why did you start singing lessons and why did you choose Voicehouse?

I started singing lessons because I’m in a choir and I wanted to learn how to improve my voice and learn how to sing properly, so technique and so forth and some of those things.

The reason that I chose Voicehouse was, I did a google search, I went looking and I found some information about these guys and I read it and they sounded very good and that would be a good fit.

Why do you love your singing lessons?

I really enjoy my singing lessons because I have a combination of private lessons and group lessons. The group is lots of fun, different people in group, week to week sometimes and there’s different singers and different styles and they’ll come together and we do a common song and that’s really fun and with the private lessons I get some work on different songs, some challenging and some less challenging, some that I like and some that I don’t always like but they are all good and they give me new techniques,new skills and I can expand on my singing capability.

What is your favorite Voicehouse memory?

My favorite voicehouse memory would have to be two performances probably. Two songs ‘raise me up’ and ‘all of me’ were both songs that I really wanted to learn how to sing and perform and on two different occasions I got to work on those. They were both challenging at the time and they were good to learn some new skills and i was actually able to present those and I did really well on them.

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