Do Adults Learn Faster? The Surprising Benefits of Learning to Sing.


1 – Talent Is Irrelevant

I hate to be the one to tell you this…. no actually, I LOVE to be the one to tell you this…


Phew. It felt good to get that off my chest. And you’re welcome.



The truth is that everything you have been conditioned to believe about singing on TV shows like X Factor and American Idol is pretty much BS.

I know that’s a BOLD statement but hear me out…. Learning to use your voice is essentially like learning to use just about any other muscle group in the entire body. You can condition your muscles to do JUST ABOUT ANYTHING when you know HOW to condition them properly.

Now, of course there could be a little more or less to it depending on the person but the fundamentals are essentially the same. I’ve seen more talent fail than I have witnessed commitment achieve.

“REPETITION is the Mother of all skill” – Tony Robbins

Masterful skill TRUMPS Talent. All day. Everyday.


2 – You KNOW what you want

Unfortunately, time and time again I have seen one-too-many a budding singer give up on their dreams not too long after they finish high school because they are not sure if it’s really ‘what they want to do with their life anymore’.



In the end, they throw all those years of their time and usually their parent’s money away, to go and ‘find themselves’ during what should be the MOST CRITICAL years of their cumulative career.

This is usually because a large percentage of them are actually LIVING THIER PARENTS DREAMS (Ironically like many of you are in other various careers right now) and when it comes down to the crunch they DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to cross the finish line.

Not because they can’t… but because they intrinsically don’t want to.

Whereas, if you put the shoe on the other foot – to where you are now, wishing you had started sooner, you will begin to realise that if the desire to learn how to sing has stayed with you for all of these years (regardless of whether it’s just for fun or for a complete career-change) you must ACTUALLY WANT TO DO IT.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Phew! You can relax now 🙂


3 – You stick WITH IT – or you don’t

As adults, one of the hardest decisions we have to make on a daily basis is what to spend our time on and what NOT TO.


When the spare hours seem to continually disappear, it’s really easy to get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ and choose not to give anything a go, for fear that you might end up wasting precious hours that you could be using for catching up on everything else… or just catching up on some sleep!

However, the good news is that as an adult you have cultivated a much higher level of discernment when it comes to knowing what you like and don’t like, therefore giving you the power to decide what you should stick with AND what you shouldn’t.

Therefore, when weighing up the pros and cons of finally doing something you have always wanted to do, it’s important to remember that once you have killed your curiosity-cat in that area, you can decide whether or not to stick with it long-term and simultaneously free up space in your curious mind.

“It’s NOT a Tattoo” – Karen Gunton

You’re the one calling the shots this time.