Hello singers & friends!

Welcome back to Voicehouse HQ for your fortnightly dose of vocal news from our studios.

This week we celebrate another big milestone… It’s our 9th BIRTHDAY!

Help us celebrate with…
Next Tuesday 17th October 2017, 

Usually valued at $30, these 30 minute sessions are the perfect way to get your vocal journey started and you can book yours in right here.

Now let’s a look back at the last NINE years of memories as we turn another year older.

What a ride it has been…

From it’s inception, Voicehouse (formally known as Talentworx Studios) and it’s tribe of coaches have always tried to do things a little differently and march to the beat of their own drum (so to speak).

From dancing, to acting, to fitness classes and even children’s birthday parties, we did it all and had a blast doing it. 

But 5 years ago and after many achievements in the performing arts areas including a trip to Amsterdam for world Hip Hop competitions, we decided it was time to bring it back to where it all began, vocals and vocals only.

We refined, refreshed & reinvented our programs, lessons and performances and decide it was time to change up our studios too, so to the city it was!

We made our big move from Prospect to the Adelaide CBD in June 2014 and we have never felt more at home.

So with all this big changes in tow and a wonderful team of coaches behind us we decided it was time for the biggest change of all, and thus, Voicehouse was born and introduced to the world exactly 1 year ago and this year has been nothing short of spectacular. 

As we take time to reminisce of 9 wonderful years of memories, we send out of greatest love and gratitude to all the students, staff and coaches that joined us along the way.

We are so blessed to have spent 9 years working with such amazing souls, we thank you for choosing us to be your vocal home.

With our celebrations set to commence in just a few days, we extend to you a chance to get in on the action and take advantage of our fabulous 9th birthday special.


Next Tuesday 17th October – 1 Day Only! New students only, one session per person and reschedules do not apply.

So there you have it, nine years and one awesome birthday special later! We hope to have you join us next Tuesday to get started.

Stay tuned and join us in two weeks time for another installment of Voicehouse love!

With Love & Light,

Deanna, Celeste, Marija & Michaela
The Voicehouse Team