Exciting things have been happening around here this week!

If you have us on Facebook you would have noticed that I announced my FIRST ever webinar, happening next Monday 14th August at 7pm ACST.

As a vocal coach over the past 10 years, the one question I get asked all the time is… but can adults ACTUALLY learn to sing, even if they’ve never had any experience?

Although there may be many opinions on this topic, in short, the answer is YES!

If you can learn to run faster or lift heavier weights at the gym, then you can learn to sing.

BUT learning to sing can be very overwhelming if you don’t have any idea where to start.

  • In this webinar, I will walk you through all the learning options available to you as an adult learner and how to choose the right fit for you.
  • The real reason that everyone CAN learn to sing and what you’ve not been told before about how to begin.
  • What is a ‘good age’ to get started + why it’s not as young as you think.
  • The 3 things you could be doing RIGHT NOW from your home or even your car to make improvements in your voice.
  • PLUS a Live Q+A Session with me so you can have all your burning questions about vocal lessons and singing as an adult answered.

So click the registration button, put it in your diary and set some time aside to finally do something you have always wanted to do.

I look forward to meeting you on the webinar.

Deanna 🙂