Student of the week- Georgia Zanelli

Why did you start singing lessons and why did you choose Voicehouse?

Well I first started singing lessons back when I was about 6 years old and I was so interested in singing and music so I thought why not do private singing lessons … and I chose Voicehouse, I’ve actually looked a few singing lessons before I started and when I came here I just felt so welcome and the staff especially my teacher was just amazing ….. and its like second home, love it here !

Why do you love your singing lessons?
I love my singing lessons because I know that every week I get to come here and I get to sing and I love having to work towards something, work towards a gig or a concert and then I love going home being able to practice what I do in class and then come back next week and work on and have lots of fun.

What is your favourite Voicehouse memory?
My favourite Voicehouse memory is going back 7 years ago, its the first song I ever worked on which was “Orange coloured sky” and I absolutely loved it and I loved performing in that concert and that’s why … this whole time.


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