Nasal sounds be gone..

 Hi everyone its Deanna Kangas here, and this week’s tip of the week is on “How to get rid of nasal sounds“.

If you are someone who sings and you have a lot of nasal sounds, it generally happens because what you’re doing is using the nose and the nasal passage to get volume & strength in your voice.

So, instead of pushing the voice forward when you’re singing and pushing it through the nasal passage, what you need to do is focus on opening your mouth more right from the back of your throat. Use your deep breathing and all of your other correct techniques and allow the sound to flow through naturally rather than forcing it through.

When you close off everything because you’re just trying to force through sound, it’s got nowhere to go. It has to come through the nose instead, so we need to learn to relax, come back into our body and open right from the back of the throat to let the sound come out.

So, that’s my tip of the week.