Hi everyone its Deanna Kangas here, and this week’s tip of the week is on “How to flow better when you are singing“.

Now, having flow when you’re singing is so important because obviously you want your songs to sound nice and melodic and smooth and in order to do this what you need to do is focus on your vowel sounds.

You would remember your vowels A,E,I,O,U?  You probably learnt those in school. In singing it’s the vowels that make sound flow, so, that’s what joins everything together.

For example, if I sing ‘Ah’ , its pretty easy to hold the vowel sound, but if I try to hold on a consonant (which is all of the other letters) like ‘F’, the sound goes nowhere. Try this for yourself, now.

So, if you’re struggling with flow in your singing then make sure that you focus on connecting all of your beautiful vowel sounds together and that should give you a nice flow.

I hope this video was helpful.

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