We trust you all had delicious Easter breaks, filled with at least a little more relaxation thank chocolate.


Winter is certainly on its way and with that comes the excitement (and of course madness) of our first winter gig – scheduled for Friday 30th June.

Students and coaches are busy getting sorted for their next moment in the spotlight and while for some, the dreaded song choice decision can be quite a length process, all in all, everything continues to run smoothly in the lead up!

We’ve also been kept on our toes with lots of wonderful new additions to our Voicehouse family, including our two new Junior Voice Coaches who’s friendly faces will be popping up more and more around the place.

Who are the lucky ladies you might ask? Well, you’ll have to wait until our next fortnightly instalment for that juicy info.

Now, onto our very exciting, new, amazing, jaw-dropping… Happy Hour!

With lots of new and talented students joining our ranks each week we are finding and increasingly HIGH demand for our casual sessions.

So we figured, why not give you the opportunity to jump on our casual session bandwagon and start polishing those pipes whilst saving some $$?

Now, what are casual sessions you might ask?

Well, structured similarly to our packaged lessons, casual session offer a little more flexibility for those that find it hard to stick to a set schedule from week to week.

Casual sessions are booked in ONE lesson at a time and are payable upon booking to secure your spot.

With our new HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL, you can book a casual session between 12 & 2pm Mon-Thur for just $45 per half-hour OR $80 per hour!

Perfect for your day off or a quick lunch break session to de-stress.

Just click here to find out more or you can shoot us an email or give us a call on 08 7226 8395 to book-a-spot.

Enjoy your mid-week public holiday and take advantage of another little chance to take a break and enjoy life!

With Love & Light,


Deanna, Celeste, Marija & Michaela
The Voicehouse Angels