Hi everyone, it’s Deanna Kangas here from Voicehouse and I’m here with the next edition of “Coach in the Spotlight” and if you’re new, coach in the spotlight is your opportunity to get to know our coaches a little better here at Voicehouse, so please make welcome the fabulous Heidi Salehhudin.

Heidi: Hi!

Deanna: Now, Heidi has been a coach here at Voicehouse for a year now, so she’s probably our newest addition to the team but we love her nonetheless and so do the singers as well. Heidi, would you like to tell everybody a little bit more about the types of singers you love to work with?

Heidi: I love to work with beginners. Working with beginners is really rewarding in the sense that as a coach I learn through teaching and the more I teach the beginners the more I actually enhance the basics myself as well.

Working with beginners is really rewarding in the sense that every time you see someone learn something new and take their new step towards something they’ve never tried before or they’ve hit a milestone or a goal – the excitement is indescribable, the excitement that they get walking out that door, it’s just one of the best feelings ever.

Deanna: Would you like to tell everybody a little bit more about when you started singing ?

Heidi: So, when I first started singing, it was a completely random choice, it’s almost like I woke up one day and when I feel like doing something with all this extra time that I’ve got, I don’t feel like doing sports, I don’t feel like going to the gym so I’ll take up singing instead.

I looked up Voicehouse online and decided to join them as a student which is a very rewarding experience in itself and decided that I was going to take it further as a hobby and join the team as a coach.

When I originally started it was absolutely terrifying, I had no idea what I was doing. I walked in thinking that the coaches were going to judge me and I was preparing for something that was a bit ‘X Factor’ or ‘The voice’ type scenario but it clearly wasn’t, this was pretty much the most chilled out relaxing experience I could have had learning, really!

Deanna: As a singer now, what do you like to work on professionally or in your own time? Tell everybody out there what you’re working towards and what kind of music you like.

Heidi: See, I absolutely love symphonic metal music and a bit of classical as well and so I’m actually working towards vocal versatility so I’d like to be able to do the public contemporary which is what I started of learning and then I moved on to some classical lessons with Deanna and now I’m working on death metal growls and a lot more metal type songs as well.

Deanna: So you’re a classic example of somebody who started out singing because it was something they love to do and never thought it would end up going as far as what it has… if there’s anybody out there who’s sitting and thinking “I don’t have what it takes to do singing lessons, or I’m too scared, too nervous or it’s not going to go anywhere…”, what would you say to them ?

Heidi: Don’t be scared! It’s one of the best things that you could do, the way I see it there’s no such thing as a person that can’t sing. We’ve all got a voice, we all want to be heard , we just need to learn to use it and that’s why we are here to support you at the end of the day.

Deanna: Beautiful, well thank you very much for joining us today Heidi.

Heidi: Thank you Deanna.

Deanna: And we will see you all in the next edition of coach in the spotlight. We hope you have a fabulous day! Goodbye everybody.

Heidi: Bye.

If you are interested you can book an introductory session with one of our coaches, either in-house in our Adelaide studio or online via Skype as well.