Student of the week – Jovanna Pantelic.


I started singing lessons because I always had a passion for a singing, but I didn’t really know what direction to take it in and didn’t know how to improve on my own.


So, then I looked at the Voicehouse website and I connected with what they were saying.


I went to the consultation and Deanna was amazing, she gave me correction, what I need to improve, then she partnered me with a teacher called Celeste and ever since I’ve had my lessons I haven’t looked back.


I love my singing lessons cause my teacher and I get on a really well, she’s always correcting me in a nice way and we have a good vibe when we work together.


It’s always comfortable to sing, by making mistakes and getting correction, I’m progressing further.


It was my second, no third gig when I sang with someone like you, I think that was a time when I really got confident on stage.


I could see how far I progressed when I first started singing and that was a big song, I knew I did it justice, and I felt proud walking off the stage.


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