Student of the week – Michael Shanahan

Why do you love to sing?

I love to sing because it’s a form of expression and I think all of us, whether we can sing or can’t sing, it’s fantastic to be able to express ourselves.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Umm… biggest musical inspiration now, everything sort of relates back to the Beatles.

I heard someone asked Sting the other day on something similar to this, someone asked him about the Beatles and he was 11 years old when he heard “Love me do” for the first time and he said it was part of swimming carnival and he said he just stopped and listened to “love me do” which is you know a pretty basic song but again he said it was the harmony, the harmonies of these two young guys, Paul McCartney and John Lennon singing these amazing harmonies at the age of 19 or 20 just stopped him in his tracks.

I’d have to say the same thing about listening to The Beatles and three-part harmonies, but the thing that distinguished them more than anything else was amazing harmonies. So, the basis for me wanting to sing is me wanting to be able to harmonize or to sing melody as well as what those guys did back in the day.

One thing you’ve learnt during your time at Voicehouse?

Okay so one thing, oh my god how can you put it down to one thing!

It’s the physiology of singing, the voice, voice box, it’s like any and every muscle has to be exercised and learning about chest voice, head voice and all these sort of things and how do the professionals sing a certain way and then it’s all about I guess vowel sounds and again it’s just like with any skills, it’s learning just little bits and pieces that can help you to be better.

So I think the biggest thing I learned was about the “physiology” and I guess also particularly “placement”…

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