Hi everyone, its Deanna Kangas here, director of Voicehouse and this week’s tip of the week is my 5 Posture Tips for Singers.

Now posture is so important and its easily over-looked because its something so simple.

While singing, posture is important because it helps the sound to resonate easily and freely throughout the cavities in the body.

So, when you’re singing and when you’re practicing, you want to :

1. Stand up straight.

2. Have your arms hanging loosely by your side.

3. Your shoulders back and relaxed

4. Your feet anchored flat on the floor

5. Your chin in-line with your body.
(Try not to push it forward or up or out too much. Keep it nice and easy and open the mouth more if you need more sound.)


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Best of luck with your singing and I'll see you next week.

Deanna Kangas 🙂