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How Bad Posture Affects Your Singing… And What To Do About It.


If you are slouched over all day then your singing practice is the perfect time to stretch out those muscles and put that spine back into line!

Good posture plays a big part in the quality of your voice when singing, not only does it look better but your voice will sound better too.

How you might ask?

When you are slouched over there is not enough room for your voice to resonate within all the body’s cavities.

Having good posture will mean that the sound has room to stretch its legs and therefore improve your overall tone and projection.

But what if I want to sing sitting down?

Only sit down when practicing if it is absolutely necessary.

For example, you are practicing in the car or you can’t stand due to a medical reason.

Other than that, you should be on your feet, so that we can get the best possible results from
your voice.


With good posture you also won’t be compromising your Diaphragmatic Breathing, which we will talk about later on.

Like anything, good posture is a habit and just takes some getting used too.

Yes, something so simple is so very important… who said singing was hard work?


I have compiled 5 Easy Posture Tips for singers to follow and you can start using this as a little
check list each time you are about to sing.

I always practice singing in front of a mirror; it is much easier to correct technique when you can see what needs adjusting.


  1. Stand up straight
  2. Let your arms hand loosely by your side
  3. Have your shoulders back and relaxed
  4. Place your feet flat on the floor, approximately shoulder width apart
  5. Keep your chin straight and in-line with the rest of your body

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