Stanford University recently conducted a research study on what really affects the impression we make on others. In layman’s terms, the scientists found that one confident speaker with an appealing tonality of voice and strong body language, is worth one-thousand speakers who focus merely on choosing the perfect words.

In fact, the words we use only account for 7% of the big picture that is the ‘total impression’ we make.  Meanwhile, over half of the impression we make on others is formed from our body language. This is followed closely behind by the quality of our voices.

Such results may be no surprise to you. After all, it’s not exactly a secret that a soft, mumbling, or monotonous orator is a bit of a bore to listen to, even if she’s standing alongside the most exciting of PowerPoint presentations. A dull, droning presenter just doesn’t capture the attention necessary for success, let alone for stealing the show.

However, the practical applications of this information are farther reaching than you might expect. 

Whether you’re a math teacher presenting fractions to your students for the very first time or in marketing and pitching a new advertising campaign to your peers, knowing how to use your voice effectively is an invaluable skill. Your speech comes second only to your physical appearance when creating a great first impression.

Fortunately, it is just as much within your control- with voice lessons.

Voice lessons have the potential to help you to improve the impression you make when networking, interact more confidently with your boss when you ask for that raise you really do deserve, and even nail that upcoming presentation at work.

You may be thinking that taking singing lessons to flourish at work is a bit of a stretch.

It is true that public speaking isn’t quite the same as singing. You don’t need to have a huge range to present convincing evidence in court as a lawyer, and a perfect pitch isn’t necessary to convince a client to come see a great property as a realtor. However, singing lessons can help you find your voice, literally, and become more poised, leading to victory in any vocation.

Time and time again, our clients have shared the benefits they’ve experienced from carrying over the techniques they learn in voice lessons into their everyday lives; they do this without even trying. Just imagine what could happen if you purposely used voice lessons to see greater job success!

Better still, take it from me.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve seen use their broad experience base to help clients sing their way to successful presentations and so much more!

Here are seven ways we can help YOU regardless of your trade:

  • When you’re shaking in your boots with stage fright, you’ll have the knowledge to keep your voice from shaking right along with you; singing lessons teach you to control your breathing and pay attention to the inflections of your voice.
  • You’ll leave a lasting impression at every meeting and job interview, because you’ll be able to use the warm-ups you’ve learned at Voicehouse to deliver clear, strong and captivating speech.
  • You’ll avoid injuries to your vocal cords and other health concerns that you’re at risk for if your job requires frequent public speaking, such as polyps and nodules. Voice lessons will help you develop the stamina and endurance you need.
  • Your presentations will become more impactful as you begin to pay attention to your vocal image. You’ll reach your audience more easily and more deeply thanks to a profound awareness of how your voice is affecting listeners.
  • You’ll be heard better with less effort, because you will know how to properly project your voice across a room by using your diaphragm muscles effectively.
  • You will begin to truly connect with your audience as your passion shows in subtle, purposeful changes of your tone.
  • It will become easier to control or even eliminate breaks in your speech that cause an audience to lose focus on your message.

More than anything your voice will improve, though! You’ll exude confidence and begin to build a remarkable repertoire of body language thanks to your newfound self-esteem about your speaking skills.

You never needed any excuse to join us. Our singing lessons are for everyone; they’re enjoyable and enriching no matter your age or occupation. However, if you’ve been hesitant to lead off because you’re one of the millions of adults who feel the need to ‘justify’ sending time on something FUN, let this be your reason!

We’ll see you in the studio, but you’ll see far-reaching results in every area of your life!

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