Student of the week – Rachael Barnden

Why did you start singing lessons and why did you choose Voicehouse?

I took up singing lessons because I just love singing. I think it’s a really good hobby to have and it’s just fun coming to lessons after a busy day at work and just to build out your favorite song. It’s perfect!

I chose Voicehouse because firstly to be honest I love the location, I work in this city so it’s perfect for me after work. The website was really cool. The fact that there was a free introductory lesson , really helped for my decision and obviously all the girls here and all the teachers are very, very lovely.

Why do you love your singing lessons?

I love my singing lessons because I get to learn all sorts of different techniques to help me improve my voice. I get to chat with my coach Maria and that’s always fun to debrief after a busy day at work.I get a say in most songs that I choose so obviously if I love the songs that I’m doing , I love coming to singing lessons.

What is your favorite Voicehouse memory?

My favourite Voicehouse memory would have to be singing “Pillow talk ” by Zayn at the Hotel Tivoli, probably an year ago now. It was my second or third gig and the Voicehouse ladies just really gave me the confidence and the skills to really just know my song and it’s a great song as well so I really just loved performing it and that’s the memory I think will forever stay with me.

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