Hi everyone it’s Deanna Kangas here director of Voicehouse and this week’s tip of the week is:
Is it safe to sing while sick?

Now we get asked this question all of the time in the studio and the first thing we need to determine is exactly how sick you are!

Do you have a sore throat? Or just a runny nose.
Is it just an allergy or something a lot worse?
Only you can find out.

Now, if you’re using your voice and talking or singing is uncomfortable or you’re experiencing any kind of soreness, then absolutely not! You should definitely stop singing and be on full-vocal-rest until you feel much much better.

But, if you’ve just got a bit of an allergy or runny nose and you’re finding that its not affecting the voice whatsoever (maybe just a head-cold etc.), then you can take it easy and see if its going to be okay depending on how you feel.

Sing gently and as you go, check-in with yourself – if you feel like you’re completely fine and you can keep going, then that’s for you to determine.

But of course if you’re not sure, you should always go and see your doctor first to make sure you don’t do any more permanent damage.

So, That’s this week’s tip of the week.


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Best of luck with your singing and I'll see you next week.

Deanna Kangas 🙂