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Want To Be A Professional Singer? Why You’re Not Getting As Far As You Could Be.


One question I get asked all the time as a singer is how I was able to build up such a vast portfolio of gig experience at a very young age?

Now although it wasn’t something I thought about all that much about at the time, in hindsight it was actually pretty simple.

I was willing to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to have the opportunity to sing. I looked at each gig as an opportunity for exposure, no matter how small or ‘dodgy’ it was and quite frankly I was willing to sing at the opening of an envelope if someone had asked me.

I knew that when it came to being a better performer, more is always better! So, I gigged and I gigged and I gigged again.

I never said no, not once.

If I had to do three or four jobs in one day… I’d make it work. I even remember getting a call at 10pm at night to fill in for someone else starting at 6.30am the next morning at a shopping centre almost an hour away. I also had two other gigs later on that day and didn’t finish until midnight. I STILL said yes.

I was willing to hustle and I always said YES to every request… even if it was completely new to me and I’d never done it before. I would say yes and then figure the rest out. I knew that anything I didn’t know I could learn… and so I did.

And not once did it backfire. And even if it did, I wasn’t afraid to think on the fly.

But to be quite frank, most singers just aren’t willing to #hustle and put in the work.

Too many people think things are ‘beneath them’ and will say no without realizing that every performance is an opportunity to build up the collateral that you need to establish a professional presence as a singer.

If you decide to work in the entertainment industry, you are effectively running your own business… which means you need an online presence and a product or service to sell.

Performing at your grandmothers nursing home or the local kindergarten still gives you a photo and video opportunity. If you are doing these gigs for free, you can easily negotiate to bring a friend with you who will be filming and taking photos – even if it’s just on your iPhone.

Edit them with a few fancy filters, share them around on social media and boom… all of a sudden people will start to remember you as their friend who sings then next time a birthday or wedding rolls around.

Not to mention the fact that you NEVER KNOW who’s actually watching you in the audience. All it takes is one person in the right industry to take a liking to your talent and who knows what doors might open?

So if you feel like you’ve been singing for some time and things aren’t happening, ask yourself if you are REALLY doing what it takes??

If the chances are that you could try harder then what have you got to lose?

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