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Do You Have Nodules? Vocal Health for Singers.

Now, what are singers nodules or nodes, you might ask?

It depends on where you’re from, we are asked this question all the time and singers are super-worried that they have developed nodules on their voice.

Of course, if you have, you don’t want to keep singing because you could be doing even more damage.

So, what is a nodule? Well a nodule is tiny little growth on the vocal folds, that when the vocal folds bank together to produce sound, it kind of gets in the way and this creates a husky-like tone or alters the sound of your original voice.

Now how do you know if you got them? Well, if every time you sing you’re experiencing soreness and this huskiness, pretty much right away or after a very short period of time then yes, it’s wise to go and get your voice checked out because you may be experiencing nodules.

Now, if it’s after a few hours of singing that you feel soreness and it doesn’t happen all that often, then no you probably don’t have nodules but you might be on your way to developing them if you don’t work on your technique and start to practice better vocal health from now on.

So, make sure your taking good care of you voice and of course if you’re not sure, always head to a specialist and get them to check it out first.