Being a working professional today is tough. The average full-time Australian employee spends over 40 hours a week at work. Of course, many employers do offer flextime, and taking advantage of such opportunities does allow for a bit of extra work-life balance. Creating a custom work day with hours to suit your own schedule makes grabbing lunch with a friend or attending your child’s school play much easier. Still, finding time to outshine the competition at work, bond with your family, tend to your health, have a hobby, and continue to grow as a person? It is difficult under even the best of circumstances and all but impossible under the worst.

What if I told you that you could save time and find more enjoyment in your life by doing at least three of those things all at once?

You probably wouldn’t believe me, and I don’t blame you. After all, it certainly sounds too good to be true.

However, the talented Vocal Coaches at Voicehouse can help you do all of this (and more) with singing lessons for healthier lungs and a happier lifestyle specially designed to cater to busy adults just like yourself.

You might wonder, “How in the world can singing lessons be good for my health?” You may even be  going, “There is absolutely no way that standing around singing has ever helped anyone to grow as a person.”

However, it’s long been known all around the world that learning to sing as beautifully as an angel requires dedication to training very specific muscles- just like learning to play sports like an Olympian or to swim as well as a fish. In 1986, the American Journal of Nursing published a study that showed singing regularly has the potential to increase your lung capacity (and help you to keep it that way, even as you age).  Learning proper techniques for singing and vocal projection- as you will at Voicehouse- also strengthens your diaphragm and improves circulation.

If you are one of the 1 in 4 Australians suffering from some form of lung disease, you could see even greater benefits from starting up singing lessons. The British Lung Foundation supports singing for lung health, especially for those suffering from chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder. Individuals suffering from lung conditions have been quoted as saying that singing lessons helps them breathe more slowly and deeply and to feel more control of their breathing, even during asthma or COPD ‘attacks’.

It is mere wishful thinking to expect singing lessons to completely replace doing ‘true’ exercise at the gym. Yet, they may just allow you to spend a little less time changing in and out of spandex and sneakers and a little more time changing your life! Studies have shown that singing burns a similar number of calories as cleaning your home, doing yoga, or taking a walk around the block- even when you do it sitting down. Stand up and let your personal voice coach assist you in finding the perfect posture to really belt it out and the number of calories you burn will increase.

Voice lessons are such a worthy allocation of your money- and time- because they provide a genuine return on your investment. In addition to their fantastic respiratory and circulatory health benefits, singing lessons can build up your confidence, bring you joy, and provide you with a healthy, portable, and free way to alleviate stress at the end of a long, hard day.

 And let’s face it, singing lessons are definitely way more fun than whiling away on a treadmill and getting nowhere at all.

Whether you’ve already got loads of experience performing, or have never sang in front of another soul, you’ll feel comfortable and supported when cultivating your singing skills at Voicehouse.

You deserve to enjoy the simple pleasure of singing lessons in a locale convenient for working adults such as yourself. Rate yourself high enough on your list of priorities and start reaping singing’s many rewards.

Reach for better respiratory health and a better you, too.

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