Voicehouse Terms & Conditions of service 2020

2020 VOICEHOUSE Terms & Conditions of Service

Please read these important terms and conditions carefully:


– Please aim to be on time for all lessons. Unfortunately, if you are running late, we can only provide you with your remaining lesson time and no time thereafter to allow your coaches lessons to flow as scheduled. 
– Coaches attempt to have all lessons running on-time, but please understand that there can be occasional 5-minute delays.


- For changes to lessons please call or leave a message on 08 7226 8395 or email admin@voicehouse.com.au.  
– Lessons cancelled with more-than 4 hours’ notice can be re-scheduled within fourteen (14) days.  
– Lessons cancelled with less-than 4 hours’ notice will incur a full-lesson forfeit.  

– You can postpone your membership anytime, by giving a minimum of 7 days’ notice before your next scheduled LESSON.  
– You can cancel your membership anytime, by giving a minimum of 7 days’ notice before your next scheduled PAYMENT.  

– Introductory Passes must be used within 30 days from the initial lesson booking date and cannot be postponed. 

 Customers are allowed a maximum of 2 re-schedules per-calendar month. Should the number of re-scheduled appointments exceed 2, the customer will have their re-scheduling privileges revoked for the following calendar month and all lesson changes during that month will require 7 days’ notice. 
– Lessons that have been paid for can be postponed for up to 6 months from the date of your last used lesson. After this period, any remaining lessons will be forfeited and no refunds will be issued. This does not apply to Introductory Passes, which must be used within 30 days of the first lesson date. 
– Please choose carefully, as all lessons are non-refundable. If choosing to withdraw before the completion of a Casual Lesson, Package or Membership you will still be charged in-full for all of the lessons you have used, not used and/or forfeited.  

– Should you wish to continue using VOICECLUB after discontinuing your lessons, a one-time payment of $45 will be required to keep your account open. 


– Monthly Memberships are billed automatically every 4-weeks via Eway, the week before the date of your first lesson.   
 When signing up for a Monthly Membership, you agree to a minimum of 2 (two) instalments to be debited from your specified account before the cancellation of your payments or membership is possible. 

 You can postpone a payment or cancel your instalments any time after the initial 8-week period, by giving a minimum of 7 days’ notice before your next scheduled payment via-email IN WRITING.  
– Sufficient funds for instalments must be available to avoid delays in processing. There will be an automatic $15.00 administration fee added to your bill each time the payment is declined, so please make note of your payment dates in advance. 
– Unfortunately, your lessons will be suspended if your outstanding instalment is not received within 24 Hours from when it has been declined

 Voicehouse is generally closed on Australian Public Holidays, with some exceptions. You will have the option re-schedule your lesson within two weeks it falls on a public holiday. This also applies to both in-studio and online lessons. 
– Notification of lesson absences including but not limited to means such as social media or text message unfortunately cannot be accepted. Please do not contact coaches personally, all notifications must be made directly with Voicehouse administration via phone or email. 
– Private Lesson times are unfortunately not exclusive. They are subject to change with notice and remaining lessons will not be refunded if your time needs to be changed. However, we will do our absolute best to find you another suitable time-slot. 
– If more than 3 lessons in a row are missed, your usual time may be given to another customer and you may have to re-book at another available time, possibly with another coach. 
– If your usual coach is away, Voicehouse reserves the right to schedule a relief-coach or re-arrange your lesson(s) with notice. 
– For current lesson prices, please refer to our current Price List. Lesson prices are subject to change at any time with notice.

– If a lesson cannot be completed due to internet connection issues, Voicehouse will re-schedule the remainder of that lesson once only within a 48-hour period. Although we understand that these things are sometimes unpredictable, Voicehouse has an excellent quality high-speed internet connection, therefore it is up to you to change your location/update your connection for your re-scheduled lesson.

– A $50 Performers Entry Fee is charged for participation as a soloist in a Live Gig. A $25 Performers Entry Fee is charged for participation as a group singer in a Live Gig.  
– If choosing to withdraw from a Live Gig after the payment cut-off, no-refunds or credits will be issued.

– Voicehouse will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained during class, on-site for a performance or whilst on the premises. This includes any vocal injuries. If you are experiencing any vocal trauma or fatigue, it is your responsibility to obtain medical clearance deeming that it is safe for you to undertake vocal lessons at any point in time.
– I am aware that in the case of a serious accident, the enrolled student will be transported straight to hospital. All costs involved will be payable by me. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Voicehouse and its staff, in regards to any injuries that may occur during class participation or my time on the premises.  

– When enrolling with Voicehouse you agree to give permission for any photographs and videos of your/your child’s performance(s) to be displayed in promotional materials such as brochures, websites, social media pages, YouTube videos and anything else with the Voicehouse name attached to it only.
– You also give Voicehouse permission to photograph or video all of your/your child’s performances and understand that this may be used for DVD’S available for purchase by yourself and other customers. You accept that you/your child will have no share in any revenue from the sales of these products.