Hi everyone it’s Deanna Kangas, Director of Voicehouse and this week’s tip of the week is my three top techniques for singers.

Now, my three favorite techniques for every singer come from the Voicehouse program, know as the “Technique Triangle”.

Now the first one is Breathing and Support:

Your breathing is super important when it comes to singing as it forms the basis and foundation for the rest of your techniques.

Number two is Placement:

Placement refers to the way in which you use your mouth when singing.

And number three is Vowels:

Vowels are an extension of placement and its the way you place each individual vowel, to produce the best possible sound, when you put everything together.

Now, those are just three of the 24 techniques we go over in our program, but if there are ever three you spend the most time-on and go the most in-depth with, it’s definitely these three. So that’s this week’s tip of the week.


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Best of luck with your singing and I'll see you next week.

Deanna Kangas 🙂