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A SONG FOR EVERY MOMENT – The Power of Singing Through Your Emotions

the power

The reason I love music so much is because of the power it has over our hearts and souls. A single song can have the power to express the things we cannot say. To put words to the feelings we are to scared to feel. And to help us come out the other side a little stronger and little-less worse for wear.

Growing up, music was my saving grace. I found comfort in knowing that someone, somewhere out there was feeling the same emotions as I was. All I needed to know was that what I was going through was real and that I wasn’t the only one.

And then there are the songs we seem to love for no real reason. The ones that resonate so much, yet don’t reflect any situation you have ever been in. Somehow you know that those songs will have their time to come.

When you take the time to think about all the songs for all of the different moments in our lives, it is easy to see the power music has to touch us deep to our core. When you hear a song that says it all, all you want to do is sing it at the top of your lungs. You sing though the anger and the pain, the sadness and the sorrow, the happiness and the love. Or you sing just because it makes you feel good.

The reason this is so powerful is because for many of us, it is the only opportunity to express our emotions out loud. When you’ve got no one to turn to and you just don’t think anyone will understand, you can still say all you need to say.

This is why music has been and will always be such a big part of our lives. It is there for us when all else fails. It stands by our side no matter what.

There’s a song for every moment and as the famous quote says…

‘When words fail, music speaks’.

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