30 Songs To Help You Sing Through Your Emotions

Songs About Emotions: When Words Fail, Music Speaks

The power of music is undeniable.

It has the ability to lift our spirits, bring tears to our eyes, and transport us to another world entirely.

But perhaps the most profound impact music has on us is its ability to express the emotions we cannot put into words.

That’s why songs about emotions are so important.

They can be the voice for what we feel and the comfort we need.

Songs about emotions

As someone who grew up listening to music, I know firsthand how powerful it can be.

I found solace in knowing that someone else out there was feeling the same way I was.

It made me feel less alone, less isolated in my emotions.

It helped me understand that what I was going through was real, and that I wasn’t the only one.

When you think about all the different songs for different moments in our lives, it’s easy to see just how powerful music can be.

From heartbreak to happiness, there’s a song for every emotion we can experience.

And sometimes, we love a song for no real reason at all.

We just know that it resonates with us in some way, and that someday it will have its time to shine.

On stage Getting GOOD at Singing

Here are 30 SONGS ABOUT EMOTIONS to help you sing through whatever you’re feeling right now:

1. “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
2. “Someone Like You” by Adele
3. “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith
4. “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware
5. “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.
6. “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton
7. “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers
8. “Hurt” by Johnny Cash
9. “Fix You” by Coldplay
10. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston
11. “All I Want” by Kodaline
12. “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi
13. “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” by Phil Collins
14. “Un-Break My Heart” by Toni Braxton
15. “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor
16. “Breathe Me” by Sia
17. “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan
18. “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion
19. “The Scientist” by Coldplay
20. “Everybody’s Changing” by Keane
21. “Yesterday” by The Beatles
22. “Fix You” by Coldplay
23. “Let Her Go” by Passenger
24. “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia
25. “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel
26. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
27. “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA
28. “What’s Love Got to Do with It” by Tina Turner
29. “Love on Top” by Beyoncé
30. “Heart of Glass” by Blondie

songs about emotions

The songs listed above are just a few examples of the many songs about emotions that exist.

“Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper expresses the vulnerability of falling in love, while “Hurt” by Johnny Cash conveys the pain of loss and regret.

“Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles, while “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong celebrates the beauty of life itself.

The beauty of music is that it speaks to us all in different ways.

What may be a sad song for one person can be a source of comfort for another.

And sometimes, we just need to sing a song at the top of our lungs, whether we’re feeling angry, sad, happy, or in love.

songs about emotions

Music has been and will always be a big part of our lives.

It is there for us when all else fails, standing by our side no matter what.

As Hans Christian Anderson so rightfully said…

“When words fail, music speaks.”

And that’s why songs about emotions will continue to be an important part of our lives.

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