So, yes. Anyone can learn to sing. Why?

Because, when you sing, you use muscles, just like muscles in the rest of your body and when you learn how to train those muscles correctly that’s when you can get a better sound.

Now, yes, it is true, some people are naturally much better singers than others. And this really has a lot of different factors including how well your ears are tuned in and how good you are at things like pitch and rhythm.

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Now, a lot of the time, we get asked by people who don’t feel like they’re ready to start singing lessons with us, how they can get started at home?

And you know what, it’s really important to get started at home with a practice routine.

Most people don’t know where to start or what they’re supposed to do. So, our tips to starting a practice routine would be kinda the same as going into the gym or doing a home workout.

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