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3 Reasons Why Vocal Warm-Ups Are More Important Than You Think.

vocal warm ups

Before you start any kind of singing practice, it is super important to create a solid warm-up routine to repeat on a daily basis.

Many teachers insist of forcing complex ti ti’s and ta ta’s down your throat because that is what they learnt.  But the reality is that your warm up will be much more effective if it is simple and easy to do.

If you are new to singing and are not familiar with warming up your voice, here are the important basics that you need to know.


Your voice uses muscles, just like the rest of your body. You warm up prior to playing a sport or any other kind of physical activity to avoid strain or injury.

When singing you will use the delicate muscle tissue referred to as ‘vocal folds or chords’. Without proper TLC before belting out your favourite tunes you could be doing some long-term damage such as polyps, nodes or nodules.


Warming up every day is key for singers who are focused on expanding their vocal range and hitting those high notes with confidence.

Improving any part of your voice, low and high, is just like working on your biceps. If you don’t lift weights targeting those muscles regularly, you can’t expect them to get stronger.

Put simply, you must use your entire range in order to improve it.


If you are fairly new to singing, you are probably faced with the same fear each time you dare to open your mouth…. ‘oh god, how’s this going to sound’. You hit one bad note and poof! Confidence obliterated. Again.

Warming up may feel a little ‘unco’ at first but it really is the foundation for getting to know your voice inside out.

It is also the best way to gain control of what comes out of your mouth so those unfortunate little miss-haps don’t come out to play again.