voicehouse home singing lessons adelaide
voicehouse home singing lessons adelaide

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Voicehouse offers unique singing lessons for adults, designed specifically with working professionals like you in mind.

We love working with people who are ready to pursue a passion for singing whether it be for fun, to gain confidence, for professional development or to transform their entire lives!

Whether you are located in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, we are here ready to help you discover your unique voice and give a little guidance along the way.

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Your Introductory Session is designed to give you all the information you need about learning to sing at Voicehouse.

During the 30 Minute Session we will also explore your needs and what you want to achieve as a singer.

There is absolutely no obligation to sign up afterwards… Just come along and enjoy the ride!


Are you someone who has always wanted to pursue a love of singing?

Perhaps you used to sing as a child or you love to sing but have never had the time or opportunity to develop your voice?

One of our dedicated vocal coaches would love to help you increase your confidence, refine your skills and explore your creativity.

Singing Lessons Adelaide


Voiceclub has been created and developed by Voicehouse Founder Deanna Kangas over the past 6 years and we are proud to say that it is one of the most comprehensive and effective vocal training programs out there.

If you want to know everything you can to sing with confidence in your voice and easily track your progress each week, then Voiceclub is perfect for you as a complete learn-at-home solution OR a great tool to accompany live vocal lessons too.


Voicehouse is more than just a studio housed with coaches that teach you how to sing. It is a community of special individuals (both student and coach alike) that teach you confidence, self-love and acceptance within a tremendously supportive, unprejudiced environment.

When I approached Voicehouse in March of 2016, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted out of my lessons. All I knew at the time was that I needed to start doing things for myself and singing was something I’d wished all my adolescent life that I’d pursued…

… No matter what you’re searching for; confidence, personal development, new friendships, or just a bit of fun, I guarantee you Voicehouse can help you find it.

  Brittany May

Warehouse Assistant

“I started with Voice House just over a year ago. I’ve always enjoyed singing along to the radio (and in the shower) but I wanted to get better so I searched for a singing school.

Thankfully I found Voicehouse. I don’t plan on being a professional singer. Just the best I can be.

The difference between my first gig (in December last year) and the latest one (a year later) has shown me the value of my lessons. Not only has my singing improved but my self-confidence and stage performance is so much better (and the nerves are less).

I’m also doing group lessons and love the support and the friendships that come from sharing the experience. If you are thinking of having singing lessons you’d be mad to go anywhere else.Paul Keldoulis

Real Estate Sales & People