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Not sure if our Singing Lessons are right for you? Book in with a Voicehouse Vocal Coach to see what we’re all about.

What Is An Introductory Session?​

Introductory Sessions are designed to give you all the information you need about learning to sing at Voicehouse.

During the session we explore your needs and what you want to achieve as a singer.

They are different from a singing lesson – and there is no pressure to have anything prepared!

Introductory Sessions are free of charge, and there is absolutely no-obligation to sign up afterwards…

Just chat to a vocal coach to see what Voicehouse is all about!


New to Voicehouse? Check out our most Frequently Asked Questions about Introductory Sessions with a Voicehouse Vocal Coach:

In your Introductory Session you’ll get to know a little more about Voicehouse.

And we want to get to know you a little better! Your vocal coach will chat with you about your past musical experiences and what you hope to achieve from learning to sing.

It doesn’t matter to us how big or small your singing goals might be.

You’ll also do some simple vocal exercises, as well as sing a song to help us asses your skill level and find the best Vocal Coach or Program for you.

This is not a ‘singing lesson’, it’s just an opportunity for you to meet with a voice coach and see how awesome Voicehouse is.

Please note that Voicehouse only works with adults and teenagers 13 years and over 🙂

Well… to put it simply,  YES! In order to pair you up with a kick-ass coach or put you into the right program, we kinda need to hear you sing.

But don’t panic! We’re super nice and we’ll sing with you during your Introductory Session if you wish. It’s totally normal to feel like your nerves are getting the better of you.

Just remember, this isn’t an audition! It’s okay to mess up and make a bunch of squeaky noises. In fact, we’ll probably just join in.

You don’t need to bring along any music either, we can get that for you too.

Just prepare is a song that you know relatively well and will feel comfortable singing in front of a voice coach.

And if there’s anything in particular you’re working on, like exams or gig material, make sure you have a sample to show us briefly. 

Yes! Vocal training is like any other type of physical training.

The more you use your voice muscles with correct technique on a daily basis, the stronger they will become.

As long as you commit to regular practice, there is absolutely no reason why your voice shouldn’t improve.

Introductory Sessions are free-of-charge for all new customers who have never worked with Voicehouse before.

If you decide to enrol, we have many different membership options to suit your needs.

Click here to view our current Price List.

You sure can. Voicehouse offers our one-on-one singing lessons and programs online too.

All you need to do is book an ‘online introductory session’ with a Vocal Coach below and we’ll get you started.

We have a few different software options depending on your internet connection. However, the majority of our lessons are held via zoom.

Sure can! But you’ll need to book two sessions in a row as we need double the time with you.

Two participant’s who share similar interests in singing can take part in an Introductory Session together.

Just find a day that has two consecutive times available and book both… be sure to let us know there is two of you in the booking notes!

Voicehouse currently works with singers over the age of 13 years.

We ask that a parent or guardian is present for an Introductory Session for all singers aged under 18 years.

This is your opportunity to observe and find out about all the great things we offer, you can also ask as many questions as you like! We do ask that you refrain from bringing any siblings or friends along however, as this can be a little distracting and hard to navigate in such a short timeframe.

No, this is just an Introductory Session and it’s completely free of charge and obligation-free.

Should you decide to sign up, your Vocal Coach will help you do so after your session. If you need to go away and think about it, that’s fine too… there is no hurry!

Getting started couldn’t be any easier!

You can give us a call on 08 7226 8395 to book a suitable time OR

BOOK ONLINE BELOW and we will send you an SMS Confirmation of your appointment shortly.

Learn to sing with Voicehouse | voicehouse.com.au

Introductory Sessions Are 100% Obligation-free.

Click the button below to see our available times
for Introductory Sessions.

We offer both In studio and Online Vocal Lessons, as well as in-depth training programs for our more serious singers.

Please note that these times do not reflect our available lesson times.

If you cannot find a suitable time-slot, feel free to call us on 08 7226 8395 for other possible alternatives.

We look forward to meeting you!



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Taylor Tuffs performing with voicehouse.com.au
I’ve been singing for a very long time when I was sitting outside with my mom and one of my friends and they were like, “you should just do singing lessons.” And my mom went online and it was the first thing that came up and adult lessons sounded great so we went with it.

I was really scared of being judged and not being good enough but it hasn’t been like that at all. It’s been really supportive. And I’ve been motivated through doing this.
Taylor Tuffs
Retail Assistant & Student
Deb Oaten performing with voicehouse.com.au
I was having a moment of reflection... And I decided that one of the things that I really wanted to do that I haven’t done was to take up singing lessons. Voicehouse popped up in my Facebook feed with the offer of a free Introductory Session and I just went, “Yep, I’m up for that. I’m going to do that.” That was three and a half, nearly four years ago and the rest is history.

Voicehouse really does meet you where you’re at. So, it doesn’t really matter what level of skill you’ve got. It doesn’t matter if you’re really advancing or you’re just beginning. They’ll start with you where you are, you don’t have to be able to sing already.
Deborah Oaten
Marketing Manager
Christie Capper performing with voicehouse.com.au
I really enjoyed learning some of the theory behind my voice. Learning more about breathing and technique and all of those things that can make me a better singer.

I really enjoy the gigs. Coming together and being able to perform the songs that you have been working on for a long time. I like the environment of them. You can sit and have drink and watch other people perform as well.

Voicehouse is fun. Voicehouse will teach new things and help you become better at the thing you love doing.
Christy Capper
Lecturer in Systematic Theology