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Voicehouse Singing Lessons Adelaide

Singing Lessons For Adults


Learn With A Professional Vocal Studio

Voicehouse was established way back in 2008 and has worked with over 5000 singers.

It’s needless to say, that we’ve been in the biz for a long time.

Our customers love working with us because what we offer is so unique.

Our program is exactly what they’ve been looking for to support them in learning to sing.

What We Offer

The Voicehouse team will help you feel at ease with our flexible in-studio or online lesson options to suit your busy lifestyle. 

Our studio is located in the Adelaide CBD where we work with 100’s of singers each week for In-studio Private Lessons. We also offer Online Lessons Australia-wide and have customers all around the country in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin & Gold Coast.

What makes us so unique is our one-of-a-kind program. Designed for you to participate at home, alongside weekly lessons or from anywhere in the world, Voicehouse students can take advantage of having pre-recorded vocal lessons on-demand, 24/7, to learn as much or as little as their time permits.

Our singing lessons are sure to give you confidence in your voice and yourself and the tools and techniques you need to support you through your creative journey.

What To Expect

At Voicehouse, we understand that everyone is different.

That is why our Private Singing Lessons are completely tailored to each individual, so there is no need to feel nervous or pressured to keep up.

Everyone has their own unique style and whether it is to gain self-confidence, explore your creative side or just sing for fun … we are here to help you every step of the way!

It is our focus to help you be the best that you can possibly be.

We also offer optional live performances for our more-adventurous in-house singers.

Not Just Singing Lessons

As a singer at Voicehouse, you also get access to our one-of-a-kind learning experience for singers who want to develop their voice at their own comfortable pace, with 24-hours-access you can sing as much or as little as your busy life allows!

We want our singers to get the most out of their lessons… so instead of trying to cram all there is to learn into just one or two lessons a week, we thought it would be a good idea to create a place for you to learn at home too.

That’s what makes Voicehouse a one-of-a-kind program. It’s the mixture of at-home tutorials, worksheets, exercises and audio lessons that keep things interesting. You can take the course on it’s own or combine it with one-on-one lessons to create a learning experience like no other.

And best of all, you can do as much or as little as you like… there is no pressure to keep up the pace!

Introductory Sessions

Your Introductory Session is designed to give you all the information you need about learning to sing at Voicehouse.

During the 20 Minute Session we will also explore your needs and what you want to achieve as a singer.

Available In-house and Online, there is absolutely no obligation to sign up afterwards… Just see what our singing lessons are all about!

introductory sessions at voicehouse

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