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It's time to discover your passion for SINGING

If you’re like most of our singers, you’ve probably been thinking about lessons for a while. Learning to sing is a lot easier than you might think!

Learn with a professional vocal studio.

A long time ago, we set out to do something epic….

And boom! Voicehouse was established in Adelaide way back in 2008, kicking goals and working with somewhere around 7000-ish singers throughout the decade.

We make learning to sing fun. And our customers love working with us because we can make it happen.

Our program is specifically designed for adults & teenagers (over 13 years).

Book an obligation free introductory session to have a chat to a Voicehouse Vocal Coach or keep scrolling to get the low-down about learning to sing with us.

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We’re famous for our singing lessons, one-of-a-kind vocal training program and killer coaching team.

Along with your lessons, you’ll get access to tonnes of vocal technique training to take you from goo-goo to Gaga…

(Lady Gaga of course 😉 )

Memberships at Voicehouse also include access to Online Workshops, Industry Trainings and even Live Performance Opportunities in Adelaide. 

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So, What Exactly Will I Learn?

We get it. Everyone is different…. And so you should be.

That’s why we’ll match you up with the right coach to guide you through our juicy program. (Yes, it really is juicy… there’s a lot of cool sh*t we can teach you 🙂

Our singing lessons are designed so that you make progress AND feel great about your voice. 

Imagine having a step-by-step roadmap that covers:

Vocal Techniques
Song Choices
Musical Styles
Vocal Health
Live Performance
Studio Recording

… And more!

That’s exactly what you’ll get if you join us.

Our trainings are conveniently housed online, so you can access them in-between lessons – anywhere and anytime.

We know what you want to learn and how you need to learn it.

All you need to do is pick a suitable membership option for and we’ll hook you up pronto!


We’re revolutionising the way people learn to sing worldwide.

The world of online singing lessons is booming.

And online lessons are literally just like in-studio singing lessons…. But conducted online (mainly via zoom) from anywhere in the world.

Discover why more singers are turning to online lessons because of how easy and efficient it is to learn online:

Looking to take Singing Lessons in Adelaide?


Look no further than Voicehouse, the go-to source for professional voice coaching in South Australia.

Experienced teachers create a safe and encouraging environment to help you unlock your inner singer.

Voicehouse is helping 1000’s of adults unlock their voices every single day.

Learn more about our mission and see if Voicehouse is the right fit for you.


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