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Learning To Sing Has Never Been Easier!

The world of online singing lessons is booming. Discover why more singers are turning to online lessons because of how easy and efficient it is to learn online.

What are online vocal lessons anyway?

Good question.

We’re afraid the answer is pretty simple.

Online vocal lessons are literally just like in-studio singing lessons…. But conducted online (mainly via zoom)
from anywhere in the world.

Discover why more singers are turning to online lessons because of how easy and efficient it is to learn online.

Book an obligation-free Online Introductory Session with a Voicehouse vocal coach to see if online lessons
are the right fit for you.

We offer online vocal lessons in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, & anywhere in Australia or the world!

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What’s The Difference

We have adapted a few little things from our in-studio singing lessons to make our online vocal lessons as smooth as possible.

Once you get started, your Voicehouse vocal coach will share some tailored, pre-recorded warmups and exercises with you that you will use for your lessons and practice sessions.

All of your lyrics and any other print materials will be shared with you digitally too.

The main difference is that you will need your own private space to learn, a secondary device to play music and a good internet connection really helps too!

What Are The Benefits?

During lockdowns, we got really good at delivering online lessons… (how’s that for looking on the brightside, ey?)

We literally had to move 200 singers from in-studio to online in a matter of days… twice!

And the feedback from our singers was both surprising and inspiring!

So many people LOVED their at-home lessons because it gave them a chance to knuckle down and practice afterwards.

Once their coach had them all warmed up and ready to go, people couldn’t help but put in a big practice session straight after.

Not to mention, having access to digital lesson materials meant they could practice easily everyday.

And of course… who doesn’t appreciate saving the travel time too!

What To Expect

We get it. Everyone is different…. And so you should be.

That’s why we’ll match you up with the right coach to guide you through our juicy program. (Yes, it really is juicy… there’s a lot of cool sh*t we can teach you 🙂 )

Everyone has their own unique style and whether it is to gain self-confidence, explore your creative side or just sing for fun … we are here to help you every step of the way!

Check out our In Studio Singing Lessons page for more detailed information on what to expect from vocal lessons with Voicehouse.