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Do You Know How To Breathe Correctly? What You Might Not Know.

how to breathe

Have you ever wondered if you know how to breathe correctly? Judging by the fact that you are still alive, I’d say probably not. However, there’s a lot about breathing that you might not know.

If you are already familiar with the basics of singing then you will know that breathing correctly is important.  In singing we use a specific type of deep breathing referred to as Diaphragmatic or ‘belly’ breathing.

Using correct breathing technique is super important because it forms the foundation for the rest of your singing techniques. 

Diaphragmatic breathing is a huge topic and we explore it in depth in Voiceclub, but for now there are a few basics that will get you on the right track…


The hardest part about using the Diaphragm is finding it in the first place.

To put it simply, your Diaphragm can be found sitting at the bottom of your lungs, above your stomach.  The Diaphragm is a large muscle that spans horizontally across your entire midsection and is one of your abdominal muscles.

It is the muscle that controls the expansion and contraction of the lungs each time you take a breath.



If you are breathing… (and I’m assuming you are since you are alive and reading this!) then you are using your diaphragm already.

The next step is to learn how to use the diaphragm to its full potential, this will support your voice when singing and help avoid any long-term damage as well as turn you into a gun when it comes to belting out big notes and phrases.


To break it down, I like to use the following 6 Simple Steps with new students who are getting used to activating the diaphragm…


  1. Place your hands on the upper part of your stomach.
  2. When breathing, imagine there is a deflated balloon where your diaphragm sits.
  3. Take a deep breath and start filling the balloon, push your stomach out as much as possible to take in more air.
  4. Imagine the balloon deflating again, as you exhale and let your stomach collapse.
  5. Make sure that your chest remains nice and still; push all of the air directly into the balloon.
  6. Try to fill it more and more every time.

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