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Finding Your Singing Style

What’s Your Singing Style?

Now if you’re new to singing or if you’ve been singing for a while but you feel like you struggle with finding your individual voice and singing style, then it’s important to take some time to do this before moving on with more advance techniques

It is important to spend some time finding your singing style so that you can make sure you are not limiting your potential in any way, shape or form.

Now singing in somebody else’s style, or what we would like to call a little bit of a ‘fake voice’, can potentially lead to trouble later on.

Imitating other people’s accents and the way that they sing can be limiting because of the fact that you can put strain on your voice and not allow yourself to sing as open and free as possible.

So, the best way to stop this is to sing a song that you are working on without the music.

Listen to yourself singing a line at a time, maybe even a small paragraph and then stop and speak that paragraph and see if there’s any differences.

If your singing in an accent that perhaps isn’t your own native accent or singing with different inflictions and colors in your voice – that aren’t something that you would do naturally – then try singing without those instead.

Its best to strip the voice back down to the bare essentials and then build it up with your own unique style.

Remember there’s only one you and there’s only one of your voice and that’s the only voice that’s ever going to get you anywhere in life.

So, if you want to work on your own beautiful unique sound, sit down with your songs and start to try and work out the difference between how you’re singing it now and how you would sing it if that version of the song didn’t exist and you were starting from scratch.

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